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 Welcome to the Vacation Rental Owner Login area.

On this page you can check future bookings for your property and make online reservation, change your account information (Mailing address, Phone number, Email address and Password).These options will grant you password protected direct access to our database as it relates only to your account.

We hope that you will find this feature advantageous. Mahalo! 


OWNERS:  When creating an Owner or Guest of Owner Reservation, please provide answers to the following in the reservation notes:

For Owner or Guest of Owner reservations, please include answers to the following in the reservation notes area:

1.  Is the reservation for you, a family member, or a guest?  Please include names of family members and/or guests.

Will your guest need check-in assistance by the property manager?

3.  Will the charges be paid by the guest or by the owner?

4.  We always need flight details - to help plan our housekeeping schedule.  We need both arrival and departure airline, flight numbers and times of arrival into Honolulu and departure from Honolulu.

5.  If we a contact phone number for your guest or family member while they are on island.  An email address is also appreciated, especially if we need to email pin codes for electronic locks to the guest.


If you have any question about reservations, please e-mail us


Owners login below:

Owners login below:

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